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Local Events

Package price does not include travel to meeting locations. Meaning if it is a local event you must provide your own travel arrangements.

Travel Events

For travel events airfare is NOT included in the package price. You must purchase your airfare separately on your own accord. We do this to cut down on fluctuating airfare costs and to allow you to decide on travel arrangements (IE baggage fees, class upgrades etc).


Earth Realm Adventures is not responsible for any lost, Damages, health, or wellbeing for any participants.

Group Experience

Travel adventures are a group experience and may require you to share a room with other attendees. If you would prefer a private room you may do so at your own cost. but must meet on your own accord at the designated time and place.

Strict Deadline

Each Travel event will have a minimum number of attendees required to host, with a strict deadline. If for some reason an event does not meet the minimum requirements you will be refunded your full amount, minus the credit card transaction fee of 2.5%


All Adventures are 18+ unless accompanied by a parent.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

“…Truly inspirational. It’s fun getting together with multiple photographers ranging from those new to the art form to professionals! You never know what you may learn, or who you will meet! ”

Joe Gaal

Photographer, SFXMUA

“… I have always been a fan of art but never truly understood what goes into creating it until I went on a photo walk with a small group. Not only was it amazing to see the creative wheels turning as beautiful photos were being taken of nature but I got to pick the brain of one of the best photographers I’ve ever met and learned so much about what it takes to be a photographer. …”

Chelsea Ann Rothstein

Art lover, Amature photographer

“… I highly recommend!
Variations on locations, subjects, and participants makes each walk unique. Conversations range from technical sharing to anything under the sun. I have enjoyed meeting people and learning from the experience. My favorite part of the walks is being out and about with creative people….”

Deborah Kazar

Adventurer, Artist